In a conversation with Telangana Today, Dr Jyothirmayi emphasizes the importance of open communication between parents and their children.  Inculcating such a habit will make adolescents open to sharing, which reduces trauma.

The excerpts from the interview are presented here. 

Importance of open communication

Such habits will prepare children
to share their problems with
parents and even friends when
they grow up to be adolescents.
Teaching kids to accept failures as part of life and not relate success to life and failure to death is very important. They should be told that failures are part of life and should be made aware regarding ill effects of substance abuse in schools.

Whether the young in India are equipped to handle depression?

There is a definite need for youngsters to be exposed to the concepts of mental health issues like depression in schools. Almost all of them that we often come across are not aware of how and even why psychiatric problems manifest. They don’t know how to react when they experience such problems. Addiction or substance abuse is another problem that schools and parents don’t talk to them openly.

On role of mental health institutions and parents

Parents need to be made aware of the common mental health problems that they can face with regard to their kids. It can start basically from their visits to paediatricians who have to play a big role in installing basic awareness among parents. On their part, parents too need not be over pampering and give-in to every request or demand of the child.

Modern lifestyle and mental illness among kids

Modern lifestyle and stress has a profound impact on the mental State of children. In fact, children these days are exposed a lot to eating junk food, gadgets, social media and sleeping late. Such issues need to be handled from a young stage and not when the child becomes an adolescent. Spending quality time with children is very important. One should also remember that depression is treatable with appropriate management.

Article about communication between parents and children

Dr Jyothirmayi is a Psychiatrist

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