Manjula was passing by the street. One person who was sitting nearby called her saying “Hi Sexy”. Manjula was frightened. She was trying to arrange her dupatta (a long scarf) more properly. She wanted to get away from that place as soon as possible. She went home and the next day she did not want to go to college because of the fear that that person might tease her again.

Nov 25 is the International day for Elimination of Violence against women.

Violence against women include

  1. Rape, sexual assault, insult to modesty
  2. Kidnapping
  3. Cruelty by intimate partner
  4. Trafficking
  5. Dowry deaths, etc.

Violence against women is because of the gender based discrimination and various social rules that increase violence.

The best way to reduce the violence is to prevent it from happening.

  1. Prevention should start early in life – from the time the child is in the womb.
    • “Welcome a Girl Child” as much as you welcome a Boy Child. By reducing this gender discrimination from the beginning, we can avert a lot of things from happening.
  2. Educate young boys to respect women.
  3. Men should set an example by respecting their wives in front of their children.
    1. Never degrade or belittle mothers in front of the child. By doing so boys would assume that there is nothing wrong in treating women badly as their father also does it.
  4. Teach young girls about Good touch and Bad touch
    • Mothers should tell the girls from a very young age about these and to voice it out whenever they are uncomfortable even if its a close family member.
  5. Do not be silent and afraid for a mistake you have not done
    1. Your silence would be the main culprit if you do not voice out the violence against you, be it on the roads or in the family.
    2. In the above case scenario,
      1. Manjula should have firmly looked at the person and say something like “ be shameful that you have no other work than to be on the streets”  or
      2. She should have warned him or complain against him in the nearest police station
      3. She should have at least told it to her family members who could have taken some action.
      4. To be silent means that he might do it again or he might in future also turn out to be a rapist.
  6. Be Careful and Aware of your Surroundings
    • While on the roads do not be totally engrossed in your mobile phones.
    • Always be aware of who is around you, who might be following you etc.
    • Before opening a door make sure who it is.
    • In public places like buses, be sure that people who wantedly increase your discomfort by touching you, firmly ask them to stay aside instead of keeping silent.
  7. Do not hesitate to Shout, Scream and Ask for help when in need
    1. Even on the slightest doubt do not hesitate to scream and ask for help.\
    2. Try seeking for nearest objects like stones etc to gather attention.
  8. Beware of Cyber Crimes
    • Do not display your private pictures or start dating any unknown person.
    • Accept the fact that a person who does not know you cannot love you.
  9. Do Not display your Weaknesses to others
    • Criminals are always on the look out for weak people, those who trust people easily, those who cry easily, those who are more vulnerable. Never show off your whole personality with all your family details and stories to people whom you hardly know.
  10. Happy Women lead to a Happy Family, leading to a Happy Society..
    • Show respect to them not because they need it BUT BECAUSE THEY DESERVE IT.

Eliminating Violence against Women
Eliminating Violence against Women

Talk in Telugu about Violence against Women


Dr Jyothirmayi is a Psychiatrist

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