1. Firstly, check if you often feel you are in a bad mood, feel lack of energy, have inconsistent sleep cycle, loss of concentration, suicidal tendencies.

2. It is not hard to come out of stress. For instance, if one gets mad at someone, in some cases, he/she posts a message on social media about the same. Instead she could talk to a friend in person or to that person directly and resolve the differences.

3. Plan weekend dinners, get-togethers with family & friends.

Dinner with Guests






4. Settings of most available social media sites/apps can be changed to one’s needs. You could switch off the notifications that come to your phone. This way, it will help you save your time that can further be used to either study or play.

5. Once on a social media site, be sure what you want to accomplish and finish that task, say uploading a photo, checking birthday and logout and leave the page. Don’t continue to indluge on the site for more unplanned activities.

6. During school exam times, all of your friends could have an agreement to deactivate facebook (or minimal use) or such platform for a brief period. Later if you study, your friends will also be motivated and all of you will study together without any external disturbance.

7. If you finish an assignment or a homework or such goal, give yourself a short treat, like few minutes of internet time through social media. Stick to your time and come out of it and go chase your next goal.

8. Just because you feel bored or lonely, don’t resort to internet. Instead, you could try any outdoor activity like go hitting the gym, joining a music or dance class, swimming, playing sports, etc. By doing so, the time spent on internet decreases and time spent on friendships in realworld blooms.

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9. Talk to your friends or anyone who spend very little time on internet and ask them how they manage to do so. Don’t forget to compliment them later.

10. Find out how often and at what times you normally use internet. If you are checking your phone everyday morning right after you wake up for social media notifications, etc., stop doing it immediately. Place your phone in a different room and not in your bedroom. Complete your daily morning chores and then you could resort to the phone usage.

11. When you are on the bus going to school/college, switch off your mobile data and follow simple steps like listening to music or reading a book or talking to friends around you. If you feel like checking your phone, switch on your mobile data a few minutes before the destination.

12. Don’t talk to strangers over the internet. Don’t share your photos with them. If you do so, beware that your future will be doomed. You may get momentary pleasure but in the long term, it could become a bane for your career and life.

After following these tips, if you still feel like you are unable to come out of addiction, feel free to seek professional help.

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Article in teluguAvoiding Social Media Addiction in Teenagers

Dr Jyothirmayi is a Psychiatrist

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