I wish every woman a very happy women’s day.
But I wonder, is it really such a happy world for women? When I read news about female foeticide and dumping dead foetuses in garbages, how can I wish fellow women a happy women’s day when the woman is not being allowed to be born in the first place?

Then I get to see the woman who was told since childhood that she is equal to a man and there is nothing that she cannot do. However, what happens post her marriage? She is asked to clean up, she is asked to cook – nothing wrong in it, they are all beautiful tasks to make the house beautiful. What’s wrong then? What is wrong is the contrasting sudden role change that she has to smilingly accept, else will be labelled as irresponsible. How can I wish that woman a happy women’s day when I can’t bring joy in her life?Home maker

Then there’s another who would sacrifice a piece of her favourite food for the family. I also see my maid who works all day and goes home and works there too with very little rest to her problems that are both financial and personal. How can I wish her a happy women’s day when I do very little to lessen her problems?Maid

I see the woman for whom weekends are the most busiest when others are rejoicing. How can I wish her a happy weekend knowing all of it?Working Woman

I see this girl who is about to blossom into a woman repeatedly being cautioned by family and society to be careful, to watch what they wear, to come back home before it is dark, to not be very cheerful or close with men. How can I wish her a happy women’s day when there’s so much fear in her of being a woman?Sad Teenager

Happy women’s day would be when women are happy, are made happy, allowed to be happy and are born happy. We as a society should be careful in dealing with this sensitive yet beautiful creature created to love and share more love. Let us acknowledge that most of them are not paid their worth back. Let it be in words, let it be in gestures, let us make her realise how important she is. Let us then wish her a happy women’s day, the day she would be really happy about.


Dr Jyothirmayi is a Psychiatrist

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