Rajani wakes up to take almost half an hour to decide what breakfast to make. She spends hours in the shop unable to decide what saree to buy. She had to enroll her child in a school for which she scouted for almost an year. She regularly calls up her husband or mother for all her important decisions. Matters always got delayed because of her indecisiveness and that usually irritated her family members.

It is but normal to come across people who cannot decide on their own and always need someone to take decisions for them.

Let us see how one can overcome  indecisiveness.


  • Do not try to get the best decision/ find the perfect solution
    • Rajani spends most of her time to decide what is best for her or her family instead of finding just any any good solution. Perfect solutions do not exist; find the best possible solution. No Perfect Solution 
  • Do not make it a habit to always ask someone before deciding
    • Rajani should have made attempts to take a decisions on her own. For example, buying a saree is something that Rajani can do it on her own. Small actions like these can make her get used to taking decisions.
    • Decide faster on smaller activities like buying a saree, what to have for lunch, which way to go the market, etc., first. Eventually, she will be ready to make bigger decisions as well.


  • Family members could support her decisions instead of deciding for her
    • For example, if Rajani was asking her husband about any decision making, he can give his opinion and ask her to decide after reflecting on it, instead of telling her what to do. By this way, family members can help Rajani to make decisions.


  • Do not fear that you will make a wrong decision
    • Rajani has a fear that what would happen if she makes a wrong decision. Rajani should realize that it is but human to err and make mistakes and that should not prevent her from taking decisions.


  • Problem solving and deciding
    • If it is a major decision like choosing a school, Rajani can list down possible solutions and write down the advantages and disadvantages of each possible solution. Then she can shortlist the better ones and find a school with less disadvantages. Writing down helps to decide faster. List down your choices


  • Do not label yourself as indecisive.
    • Just because all these years Rajani could not take decisions, it does not mean that she cannot take them in future. With effort, she definitely can.


  • Talking to someone can help
    • Acknowledge your problem and talk it to a friend regarding reasons for your indecisiveness rather than trying to hide it and suffer from within.


Indecisiveness is caused by fear. Do not fear anything. It is human to err and make mistakes. We are not perfect creatures to make perfect decisions. Accept it and get going. Decide for yourself.

Dr Jyothirmayi is a Psychiatrist

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