One day, when Richard was driving his car, another car came towards him via a wrong route. He could not control his anger and started yelling loudly that eventually led to a big fight with the driver. Consequently, he was late for the office and continued to be irritable. He was also rude to a few of his colleagues that day. By the time Richard came home, he was very tired. A petty issue with his wife made him become uncontrollable again and started shouting. That day he had trouble sleeping.

Anger is a common emotion that we all experience. To an extent, it is okay but sometimes we ourselves feel that we are unable to control it though we would like to control it.

Anger can be managed with some simple measures. Let us check them out.


  • Identifying reasons why a person is angry most of the times.
    1. Sometimes external stressors in family or work life can make the person get irritable on other matters as well.
    2. In this case, Richard had a loan to clear and his mother was suffering from cancer. He couldn’t manage the pent-up stress and consequently showed it on others to displace his sadness.

Identify Problem


  • Recognise your problems and talk it out
    1. For once, sit calmly and try to analyse the reason for the anger. It is better to talk out to your friends regarding ongoing stressors.
    2. Richard should talk to his wife or friends regarding his anxiety over mother’s health and also other ways to clear the loan which he never did.

Talk to your friends, who you think are affected by physical abuse.


  • Do not jump to conclusions
    1. Angry people often jump to conclusions and start off the fight before listening to the other person. Do not do that. There is always a reason for everyone’s actions. Not always does that need to be a bad one.

Do not jump to conclusions

  • Get away from the situation causing anger for a while, until you calm down
    1. For example, when Richard came to the office and he is very irritated, he should have gone to the canteen for 15min, have some juice and come back to talk to the colleague. Until then, the body would have calmed down a little after the fight in the traffic.

Slow Down


  • Retrospect after every anger outburst about the consequence that followed
    1. Richard should think that because of his anger, he had a strained relation with his colleague and also he had a bad sleep that day. So, the next day was no better.


  • Try to search for other means to display your dissatisfaction
    1. Richard could have stopped the car coming in the wrong route and told him firmly that he was risking his own life by doing so. He could have rather mentioned about complaining to the concerned authority and left the place, instead of spending an hour quarreling with him.


  • Regular exercise and proper diet can reduce a person’s anger
    1. Avoid alcohol or smoking, which can increase anger.


  • Relaxation exercises
    1. Deep breathing – in and out, and counting numbers while doing so can help out a few in controlling their aggressive behavior.
    2. Imagine a relaxing scene and experience it. 

Deep Breathing


  • Realise that getting angry does not solve any problem in life
    1. Richard cannot get his problems solved by showing anger towards others. In this way he is only inviting more trouble and causing harm to himself.It is better to seek treatment than to agonise your life and others too.


  • Talk to a professional if things go beyond control
    1. It is better to seek treatment than to agonise your life and others too.


It is about time that people learn to slow down a little bit instead of running too fast that they are unable to catch their emotions as well.

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Article in Telugu : AndhraJyothy

Dr Jyothirmayi is a Psychiatrist

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