Thoughts constitute an important part of one’s life. Those thoughts can be favourable or unfavourable. For a few people, those thoughts are unfavourable most of the times. They often keep thinking about the negative outcomes of a work. Their friends and people around them who keep hearing the same will also start wondering if that work can ever be successful.

Here are a few basic steps to come out of such situations.

1. Do not speculate that that something might happen and start looking at the facts. Never come to a conclusion without any proof.

2. If an untoward incident happened in the past, don’t think that it will repeat itself again. For example if you have failed in an exam, it doesn’t mean that you will fail in every aspect of life.

3. Stop worrying about what is not happening and start focussing about what is happening. Many of us have faults in our thought process. Because of that, we tend to forget about the favourable incidents happening and only worry about those that didn’t happen.

4. Don’t spiral any incident out of control. For instance, if you call a friend and if she didn’t answer it, it doesn’t mean for sure that she is not interested in talking to you. If you are thinking like that, it means that you are also worried about petty issues. Inculcate patience. Just leave a message to your friend and forget that incident and start looking at what other better activities to do.

5. Lot of people keep saying that they are not intelligent and that they are not fit for anything. If you think like that, your results will also become the same. So, stop thinking like that and perhaps start thinking that you have some weaknesses and you have other strengths that will make you fit for several other activities. There are no 100% bad or 100% good people in the world. Don’t speculate forever about what your weaknesses are and talk to people around you to understand what they think about you.

6. Emotional thinking in negative circumstances can lead to lowering your self confidence. Instead of generalising that you are unfit, it is perhaps that you are unfit for a certain task or at a certain time only.

7. When problems occur in one’s family, you may think that you are the reason. Instead of blaming yourself, look for a solution and solve the problem. With the outcome, you will feel better.

8. When you hear remarks from someone, do not treat it as untoward attitude towards you. Everyone makes mistakes and you have committed a mistake which is not an anomaly. All that you have to do is to learn from the mistakes and try to not repeat such mistakes in future. It will not help to reminisce about the mistake forever.

It is highly important to realise negativity. Immediately after, think comprehensively about the issue analysing the facts and try to mitigate your negative thoughts. Try to talk to a friend or a family member or a counsellor to help you reduce such ill thoughts.

[Telugu] Coping up with Negative Thinking
[Telugu] Coping up with Negative Thinking

Dr Jyothirmayi is a Psychiatrist

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