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Dr Jyothirmayi is a Neuro Psychiatrist (Gold Medalist), Therapist & ex-Civil Assistant Surgeon based in Hyderabad. She is a medical doctor who facilitates speedy & effective recovery using a combination of psychotherapy (talk therapy) and psychopharmacology methods for people suffering with mind related issues like anxiety, work related stress, depression, addiction (various kinds), bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, marital issues, etc.
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Jyothirmayi is a TEDx speaker and speaks at several corporate, educational and media setups (Zensar, Pepsico, Aurobindo Pharma, TV9, ETV, TV5, ABN, BlueBlocks, Indus, IMT Hyderabad, Oakridge, etc.) about mental health related issues. Her articles about importance of proper mind healthcare are regularly published in national newspapers like The Hindu, AndhraJyothy, etc.
She is an ex Civil Assistant Surgeon / Chief Medical Officer with the erstwhile United AP State Government. She is an expert peer reviewer for Andhra Pradesh Journal of Psychological Medicine (www.apjpm.org) and a member of Indian Psychiatric Society, Hyderabad Psychiatric Society, ANCIPS organizing committee (2015).
Jyothirmayi holds both an MD in Psychiatry (State 1st - Gold Medalist) and MBBS from Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad.
FAQ: Psychology vs. Psychiatry: Which Is Better? Psychiatry is the medical treatment of Psychology and encompasses all issues from basic stress to severe schizophrenia issues. WebMD Link

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Consultation at Clinic / Hospital
The doctor is available in Hyderabad between 2pm and 4pm on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday every week at Continental Hospitals in Gachibowli, Hyderabad for an in-person consultation. Prior appointment is compulsory.
Ph: 040 6700 0022 (Continental)

Consultation over Phone / Video
This is a tele-consultation / tele-therapy / tele-counseling that will be used for non-emergency purposes. No recordings are allowed on both sides. It is a standalone video session for follow-ups without a provision for EHR.
Book a slot for the appropriate service using the calendar below. Pay the consultation fee as provided within the event details. Appointments booked without prior payment confirmations will be rejected.


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